Packaging machines

We can offer cartons and machines designed specifically for transporting and packaging fresh bouquets.
Not only the flowers are precious, but also the time needed to package them. Our machines for packaging bouquets promise considerable time savings. There are three types available:

Freshbag FB 100

FB 100, Filling aid   

Freshbag FB 500

FB 500, Hand machine


FB 1000, Automatic machine


  • 230 V electricity supply
  • 3 bar compressed air
  • mains water

 Freshbag Filling Station FB 120

FB 120, Filling station

  • For easy fixing of the FRESHBAG to the bouquets
  • Closing with rubber bands
  • Exact filling of the FRESHBAG with the desired amount of water
  • Individual adjustable


  • 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Water hose


  • Electricity 110 V
  • Tape closure
  • Flower food compatible


How the fully automated FB 1000 packaging machine works

Water added through meter, automatic closure

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