… keeps asparagus fresh

Only too often, first class asparagus has long lost its freshness when it finally arrives on the consumer’s table. FRESHBAG® is the innovative and simple solution for the transport and storage of asparagus. FRESHBAG® makes sure that asparagus remains as crisp as in cold storage for many days. Even if stored at 2 °C in cold storage over eleven days and then kept in the FRESHBAG® at 22 °C for a further four days, this delicious vegetable will retain its fresh weight without any loss.
This practical FRESHBAG® is leakproof whichever way you place it. It stores liquid for many days and provides vegetables with a constant supply of water. Its leakproof outer layer stays dry and is non-slippery for ease of handling. FRESHBAG® fulfils all of the food packaging requirements – that extra service your asparagus customers will be passionate about.

… FRESHBAG® is easy to use:

 1. soak with water  2. fold over
 3. insert asparagus  4. pull up and tie securely