Exclusion of liability:

1. Content of online offers:

The author itself and the information providers make every effort to provide high-quality information. Nevertheless the author offers no guarantee for the up-to-dateness, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Unless the author can be shown to have been premeditatedly or grossly negligent, liability claims against the author for losses of a material or non-material kind and arising from the use or non-use of the information offered or from the use of defective and incomplete information are excluded. All offers are subject to confirmation and are non-binding. The author reserves the right to make changes to, add to or delete parts of the pages or the entire offering or to temporarily or finally discontinue publication without special notice.

2. References and links:

In so far as reference is made directly or indirectly to links which are outside the author’s area of responsibility, the author shall be liable only if it was aware of the content and it would be technically possible and reasonable for it to prevent use in the case of illegal content. Only the person hosting these pages, not the person who merely refers to the publication in question via links, shall be liable for further content and for loss or damage resulting from the use or non-use of information offered in this way. This restriction also applies to entries made by third parties in visitors’ books, discussion forums and mailing lists set up by the author.

3. Copyright:

The copyright for published copyrightable works prepared by the author itself belongs solely to the author of the pages. Use of these works is not permitted without the author’s express agreement. The author makes every effort in all publications to abide by copyright to the pictorial and graphic material, sounds and texts used, to use pictorial and graphic material, sounds and texts produced by the author itself or to use licence-free pictorial and graphic material, sounds and texts. If pictorial or graphic material, a sound or a text which is unidentified or protected by third-party copyright nevertheless appear on the pages, it is because the copyright could not be established by the author. In the event that such an unintentional breach of copyright occurs, the author shall after due notice remove the object concerned from its publication or mark it with the appropriate copyright mark.

4. Legal effectiveness of this exclusion of liability:

This exclusion of liability must be regarded as part of the Internet offering from which reference has been made to this page. In so far as parts or wording of this text do not, no longer or do not fully comply with the laws applying, the content and validity of the remaining parts of the document shall not be affected thereby.

5. Data protection:

In so far as personal data, particularly email adresses or addressees, can be entered on this Website, this and the publication of these data are done on a voluntary basis. These data will not be communicated to third parties by the author. The transmission of data on the Internet is, however, never free from risks. In particular the unencrypted sending of emails involves the possibility that the data contained in them can be read or stored by third parties. The author expressly draws attention to this.