About Us

With many years of experience on the florist trade sector, Heinz-Dieter Schmidt founded in 1995 the company rotaris Marketing GmbH. He purchased the patent for the FRESHBAG®, then a completely new packaging for keeping flowers fresh in transit, and commenced marketing it.

In 2001 production of the FRESHBAG® started on the company’s own plant (see below) that rotaris continued to improve over the years. On its launch the FRESHBAG® promised 24 hours of freshness – today it is being produced for transport times of up to five days.

Today the rotaris range also includes, besides the classical FRESHBAG® for bouquets, a foodgrade variant of the FRESHBAG® for keeping asparagus fresh, low cost FRESHBAG® sheets, machinery for the industrial processing of FRESHBAG® and FRESHBAG® sheets, and packaging material for flowers in transit.
If you wish, the FRESHBAG® can also be produced with preservative agents. Currently, rotaris is working on a FRESHBAG® variant with superabsorbers. All of these developments help to extend freshness, for even longer transit times.